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Welcome to Team La Pregunta!

At La Pregunta Pickleball Store, we're more than a store; we're a pickleball family dedicated to elevate, promote and expand the game we love.  Behind every successful match and every ecstatic player is our dedicated team of pickleball aficionados. Our staff isn't just knowledgeable about the sport; we live and breathe pickleball. From recommending the ideal paddle to providing expert advice, we're here to make your pickleball journey exceptional.

Sponsored Players


Ambassadors Program

​Do you love pickleball as much as we do here at La Pregunta Pickleball Store? The Ambassadors Pickleball Program of La Pregunta Pickleball Store involves selecting passionate players to represent the brand, promote products, and embody the spirit of pickleball. If you have all this requirements don't hesitate to join the team.

1. Requirements:

  • Proficiency in pickleball with a good understanding of equipment.

  • Love for the sport and eagerness to promote it.

  • Active on social media platforms or within the local pickleball community.

  • Ability to represent the store positively.

  • Must have an IG (500 followers min.) and Facebook account.

4. Ambassador Benefits:

  • Win money selling products with personalized promotional code.

  • Exclusive discounts on store products and events for personal use.

  • Receive branded merchandise and equipment.

  • Feature on the store's website and social media.

  • Connect with other ambassadors and industry professionals.

5. Ambassador Responsibilities:

  • Create 2x engaging posts or more monthly (photos, videos, blogs, promotional code) featuring store products. Posts must be made from accounts that are public and have visibly display store handle and hashtags: @lapreguntapickleballstore, #TeamLaPregunta and #LaPreguntaPickleballStore. The post will not be approved featuring competitor gear.

  • Ambassadors can ONLY play in Puerto Rico with brands that represent La Pregunta Pickleball Store.

  • Represent the store at local tournaments or events.

  • Regularly share store updates, content and promotions.​​

Come join Team La Pregunta Pickleball Store!

Be the next La Pregunta Ambassador!

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