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Elevate your game with the Gearbox CX14E paddle! The aerodynamic and wind cheating design is achieved by using a 14mm. T-700 Carbon Fiber core, sandwiched between the 3K Woven Carbon Fiber faces, and combined with Gearbox's Solid Span Technology (SST/ a ribbed solid core), provides incredible durability, spin potential and feel. Additionally Hyper-Bite 2.0 Spin Technology which is an advanced texture and coating added to the 3K surface, maximizes the CX14E's bite on the ball. This edge-less carbon fiber paddle has been reinforced, out towards the corners, making it one of the most durable available, and also increases both paddle power and stability. Most of the CX14E's power is derived from its 8 oz. weight, and 16.5 in. overall length, which on its own complements comfort, back court power, and touch near the kitchen. One and two-handed players have plenty of room to control the action with a 5.5 in. handle length, and a grip diameter of either 3 5/8s, or 3 15/16s, adds to the overall, playability and versatility of Gearbox's CX14E paddle.


Average Weight: 8.0 oz.
Core: T-700 Carbon Fiber
Hitting Surface: 3K Woven Carbon Fiber
Grip Size: 3 5/8 and 3 15/16 in.
Grip Length: 5 5/8 in.
Paddle Length: 16 5/8 in.
Paddle Width: 7 3/8 in.
Paddle Thickness: 14 mm. (0.55 in.)
Factory Grip Gearbox Smooth Wrap

CX14E - 8.0 oz

Excluding Sales Tax
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