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The JOOLA x Britto Tour Elite Bag is for the player who never forgets to bring joy and happiness to the court. Infused with designs from the world-renowned artist, the Britto pickleball bag pops with bold colors while showcasing his unique style. With prints typically relegated to a museum, the Britto bag allows players to showcase their love of art on a paddle bag that holds several paddles and features a multitude of compartments. Additional features include a strong fence hook, dual backpack and duffel bag straps, and unique foil lined paddle storage to protect against extreme heat or cold.



  • Dimensions: 21.1 x 13 x 10 in
  • Fence Hook: Yes
  • Thermal Insulation: Yes
  • Paddle Pockets: 2, fits 2 paddles each
  • Use: Equipment bag, travel duffle, backpack
  • Weight: 3lbs

JOOLA x Britto Tour Elite Bag

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