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The Vulcan V1100 Pickleball Paddle was specifically designed with top pro player, Jay Devilliers. The V1100 can put as much pace on the ball as needed while keeping the pin-point accuracy and touch. This is an all-court paddle that gives you the expectation to hit any shot whether playing doubles or gutting it out in a singles match. Features a thicker 16 mm polypropylene core hitting surface platform with a forged tapered throat that narrows to a 13mm handle, and Toray T700 raw carbon fiber face and a full foam-injected carbon sealed edge wall. The modern shape offers a large sweet spot and consistent face with an elongated handle for extra reach, leverage, and two-hand backhands. Vulcan Max Control Grip is 5-1/2” long with 4-1/8” circumference. Weight is 8.4 oz. (+/- .20). 

Vulcan V1100 Pickleball Paddle

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